Help is not coming

the truth that many people will need to read and start to act.

Victor. I Eshameh

If you need money, don’t just sit around. Go out there and make it.

I’m sorry, you might not like me after hearing this. But the truth is, help is never coming. Here is another truth, everyone needs help. No one is going to have the time to help you, because everyone is busy trying to help himself.

I’m sorry, but I have to add this. The days when the patient dogs eat the fat bones are over.

Wake up! Help is not coming.

(This is just a short charge. I need you to understand that there are tough times and only tough people beats tough times. If you continue to wait for help – you might never get started.)

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I am living a life

that only has tunnel vision.

I avoid the things that

other want.

So I don’t get trapped

in all those honey.

Mr cupid may have tried, once.

I can’t lie.

I enjoy the feeling

but I pull out

before it goes any further.


We laugh, we smile

they see two young couples

in love.

But it cant be that way.

I don’t deserve this,

Not now.

Having no one around me

but my family

that understands.

I can’t give it a try.

I don’t want my vision

to become blurry.

You got a tunnel vision.

Make the sacrifices now

so you will have a feast tomorrow.


You ain’t the only one

working this hard.

Lift your head, look around

turn off that vision of yours

and look.

That is where the problem lies,

thinking you are in this alone.


Don’t jump in the pool of love.

not now.

You just got back on your two feet.

You wanna fall back again?

why punish yourself ?

treat yourself.

Your future self

will thank you

I promise.




Caught in-between

Doing as you are told
doesn't always work out.
following instructions
even though they don't seem right?
that's messed up.
I was a victim once.
in a whole,
that was my childhood.

This shit can mess you up
that's for sure.
Tired of getting yelled at
so I turned mute.
I did as I was told.
Keep their mouths shut.
Don't ask questions.
Don't act smart
No excuses.
Play dumb
till you are set free.

Now I'm caught in-between 
between you and your mum.
I've passed that stage.
you rebel
you get knocked down.
Just give in.
You don't know nothing
still a child
still got a lot to learn.

Have the tables turned?
Am I helping
or destroying?
I guess only time will tell.
so please don't hate me.

I've been there
I've done that
but I wasn't a rebel
my voice was taking
away from me from a young age.


As I walk in life

I strive.

I dont struggle anymore.

things come to me

with ease.

Is that fair?

I have become

more and more determined


I started with a lot of people

around me.

As I continue to face

my daily challenges,

I become greater and better.

I started to lose

the people around me.


Where has this person gone to?

I speak about my vision

they praise  me

but will not join me.

I stand with my own two feet.

only a few are beside me.

Some can’t catch me.


’cause my vision is my fuel.

The hunger of getting better

with each fall

burns me.


I will not be last.

I fall.

I clean myself off

and continue.

I see others fall

but they struggle to get up.

My hands out stretched

they slap it away.

Many try

but cant reach.

few grab my hands

but lose their grip

and fall.


My head and heart are heavy.

I will remember

you through my journey.

My vision is my fuel.

My zeal can not

be taken away.

One step at a time.

One step closer

to my goal.

Are you closer

to your goal?.

Have you fallen?.

With my platform

I will preach.

I will help change

the hearts of the youth.

For my vision

is your inspiration!!!


The Harsh Truth

you cant really

 force things to happen

in your favour.

if it wasnt meant to be

it will not happen.

dont go stressing yourself

on things that cant be helped.


you jump from one boy to another.

you jump from one girl to another.

your body count increases each day,

trying to find “the one”

but you start to slowly lose yourself

in each one.

at the end you dont know

who you have become.

Blaming the girl or the boy

that made you is the harsh truth:

you are to blame.

wanting to join “the wave”.

you follow your friends

so your start to play the fool.


no need to play

that part no more.

you have become the part

completely losing yourself

to someone who

only used you.

you just got slapped

by the harsh truth.

never blame other

start by blaming yourself.


it’s never too late

for a change.

you’ve messed up

that.s not all.

keep your head up.

look to the future.

you may even get

a son or a daughter.

you’ve learnt

your lesson

now its time

to pass it forward.

tell it as it is:

the harsh truth

hard to hear

easy to remember.


why do I feel the way I feel
I thought taking a step back
would help me deal
with how I feel.
laying down
watching series and sleeping. 
feeling empty,
anything to push the tears about 
to fall out.
when is it all going to change?
when am I going to be satisfied?
when will I  no longer count on people
to hit me up?
when will I change for me?

Im feeling empty
and have nothing
but alchol and red bull
to fill me up.
im feeling empty 
so I turn to the Lord
please hear me out.
im feeling nothing.
I feel numb
cause I think too much.

people out there 
going through much worse,
I choose to relax
but I'm very idle.
time to change things up.
but go no resources
to do so.
been working
but the money leaks out my hand.
I have become a donor
to a project I did not sign up to.
no feedbacks
just question.

It’s time.

Should I throw the towel in?
I told myself I won’t quit.
Was going to hang in there.
Working 7 days a week,
Is nothing like it sounds.
My mentality is been tested.
For I haven’t rested.
I sleep.
but it’s never enough.
You rest but you still
Gotta get up
For the next day.
I need a holiday.
Let this cycle break.

I ain’t the only one in this.
There are more experienced players
I guess I’m just trying
to show my worth.
But at what cost?
It stopped being about
The money long ago.
Stayed just to get more
Learn new things.
Humility was my aim.
But I’ve lost sight of it all
The days seem to drag
Cant seem to feel
Or care anymore
Turned into some sort of machine.

Machine or not
Everything has its end point
I don’t seem to know mine.
Been surviving for so long
I forget I’m human.

Speak out

Stand at attention!
Stand at ease!
The only time I’m at ease,
Is when I’m asleep.
But even then,
You’ve got to keep,
One eye open,
For anything happening.
Never let your guard down,
I was told.
Can’t sleep in peace.
Can’t eat in peace.
I’m surrounded by kids.
Like a robot.
I do as I’m told.
Forgetting I have a voice.
Forgetting I have a choice.

Being  suppressed,
Way too long.
It’s time.
Wait, not yet.
Let me wait a little bit more.
Who am I kidding?
I can’t back down.
At least not yet.
I got this.
It ain’t all that bad
Is it?
Taking a look back.
How far have I come?
How am I doing?
I do not know.

I wake up.
And get going.
Life doesn’t stop for anyone.
That’s the  reality
Even for the dead.

Recently I haven’t been
doing well.
That’s my honesty.
The adult life sucks.
No breathing time.
So tell the kids,
To slow down.
Tell them to
Have all the fun
They can have
Don’t let them
Grow too quick.
Let them have their crushes
Let them have their different tooth brushes.
Let them have any thing
Because life will burst
Their bubble sooner or later

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