Running out

What are your fears?
Do you have the fear
Of missing out
On the new things?
The new fashion line?
The trends
that never
Seems to stop.
Or are you like me
That has a fear
Of running out.

Running out
of motivation.
Running out
of zeal.
I have reached
that point before.
It was hard
to come back out
To get back on track.
Mentally tormented.
Trapped in a glass box
Found it hard to
Get out and start doing.

I pray.
I pray that’s all.
whenever I reach there
I get scared even
When I’m good.
Knowing that day will
Come back around.
Not knowing
What to do
Is also scary.
You look around
People are pushing
I’m pushing
But I’m not getting

The fear of running out is more scary to me that the fear of missing out. The thought of this crosses my mind everytime I’ve been productive. I guess the technical word is “burn out”. But I don’t know.

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