There are times I get anxious
There are times things
Get hard for me
But that’s just it.
Focused on the things.
You have to do
Call it your to do list
Nothing else really matters.
Don’t even look around you.
It’s all about
the to do list.
Always have to be on top
Of things.
Just like dory
Once sang
Just keep swimming.
You can’t drown
You’ve come so far
You can’t drown.
No giving up .
Just keep going.
Take it day by day.
These are my words of encouragement
Hoping someone
Will take it seriously.
Your hearts racing
Your minds racing
Close your eyes
Take in deep breaths
Because it’s all in your head

The walls are not closing up
on you.
People don’t know
What going on inside of you.
So breath
Look around you.
These are my words
to comfort you.
You screwed up
Its not the end of the world
You have to take things easy
It’s all in your head
Your mind’s trying
To mess with you
It’s not as bad as it seems.

There is always a solution
You can always make amends
It’s never too late.
Trying to find ways
To fix it.
Yours hearts racing
Your skin starts to cry
You got to get out of there
Distract yourself
This is now a match between
You and your mind.
You control the mind
Not the other way round

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