In control

Are you floating
Or slowly drowning?
Is your mind at peace?
Do u have a steady breath?
Are you in control
Of the things around you?
There are things
You can’t control
That I’m aware.

Your mental health is
You can control it
But it’s like a heavy current.
Thinking ahead
Makes me scared.
I’m not in control
Of the future
What if I was.
What then?

I can’t control
What happens
In the future
I can barely control
The present.
The power is in you
I was told.
My dad sees something
In me that I don’t see.
It’s hard to envision
This future me.

Planning a marathon
I know I can run
So can anybody
Who is healthy and
Not disabled.
It’s one thing to say
It’s another to achieve it.

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