Mini me is mentally

running around.

Trying to keep on

Top with all the

Tasks been verbally

Handed to us.

Don’t panic.

I tell myself

Deep breath

In and out.

You got this.

This is humanly possible.

Writing but letters

Are passing through my head

I’ve forgotten how to spell.

Oh no!

Get out of your head.

I look next to me

The females are

Just the same as me.

Let me go somewhere else.

You can smell the anxiety

Oozing from the front row.

Legs shaking, nails tapping

Ear phones in and zone into

The world of racing.

Formula 1 is here

Something to get distracted by.

Getting rid of a feeling

Is like trying to get rid of

Plastazote from your clothes

It sticks and once

you think you’ve gotten rid of it

You find it somewhere else.

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