Never ending

You fought the night
You wrestled against the
Shadows of your
Childhoods past.
You were captured
And held
In the drumming room.
Slepless nights
Had your pillow
With wet patches.

Your lifeless companion
Next to you
You held it close.
What words
Would it say
That would comfort you
In the drumming room.
The banging never seized.
The temporary meds
Seemed to have worked.

Years gone passed
Different battles
You had to fight.
Comparing yours
To people of the past
How quickly despire
Washes you to tears.
The nights are the worst.
The fight never seems
To ease.
When will you find peace?

When will I stop this fight?
Everything I got I always
Had to share it with
Another thing.
Why am i always drawn
To the battlefield?

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