Can’t wait

Originally written : 25-09-2016

You got to
Let it go
And just go
With the positive flow.
Yeah, it can
Get hard
You don’t have
to be so uptight.

I’m always being
Told to loosen up.
I’m taking everything
Way too seriously.
I’m just scared.
I don’t want to
Loose my grip.
I don’t want to
Go back to the
Old me.

I don’t know what
To do.
I am so used
To been quiet
I don’t know
How to make noise.
They told me
I sound old.
What do they mean?
They tell me
I’m being too
What do they mean?

Socialing has opened
My eyes.
I just want to go
Back to the dark.
Me myself and I.
They want me
To smile,
They want me
To laugh at their
Silly jokes.
I don’t like living
To other people’s

I just want to
Do me and leave.
But that’s being
Can’t wait to be
My own person
And not to be controlled
Because that is
Not who I am.

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