Safety net

I’m falling
Can you see it?
I might be tripping
But catch me.
Hold me
With your safety net.
Dont unbundle me.
I feel safe within you.
I may have been
But with you
I don’t feel
Like a prisoner.

When I hear
The words of
Insecurity come
Out of your mouth
I will cover it
With reassurance.

You ain’t strong
To hold me?
Don’t worry
I’ll hold you.
Help you lighten
Up the load
For you.
You’re with me
Everywhere I go.

17 thoughts on “Safety net

      1. Guess what?? I got hit with a fiction story idea and I’m soo excited to start it. This time I will ensure that I go through with it but I need to allocate time for it whilst doing my other assessments what are your thoughts?

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      2. I’ve got the title the whole outline the structure everything in my head I just have to allocate time to actually start writing it I even have snippets of dialogue coming at me every so often it’s like a movie that playing in my head😂😂

        Liked by 1 person

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