Awesome Blogger Award.

Wow, thank you H.R phoenix (mindnightlion) for presenting me with awesome blogger award! I am honestly humbled and touched for this. I am lost for words but not entirely for you have literally motivated me to continue posting and interacting with other poets alike. I can literally feel your positive energy grabbing hold of me every time I read your post and in our conversations. You have literally been a breath of fresh air that I needed, and I am ever so grateful that you made yourself known to me. THANK YOU, SOO, MUCH and don’t ever stop shining your posts are truly amazing. Her Prompts posts are amazing her you will see what I mean when you visit her page

Check here blog out:



  • Thank the person who nominated you.
  • Tag the post with #awesomebloggeraward.
  • Answer the questions you were asked.
  • Nominate at least five bloggers and inform them of their nomination.
  • Give them ten new questions to answer.




Name three people who have inspired you on WordPress:

ouhhh tricky one, I have such amazing followers that inspire me to create a better page and inspire me to post more often.

meguncensored- her poems are short sweet and capturing

H.R Phoenix Midnightlion-  she brought me back to life. I was never aware of how important it was to engage with one another, give feedback and just simply talk with each other.

Jay Bleu- I can always count of him to give a response on any one of my post. his posts is inspiring and very helpful.

There are others but these are the main ones. they are very refreshing and they honestly uplift my spirits.  THANK YOU ❤


Winter or summer and why

Winter because you can warm yourself and it just lifts my spirit… I also think because I was born in the winter. But meh… Plus during the summer when there’s soo much heat you strip and it doesn’t even do you no good!
You think of ever getting rid of your skin during summer? Cause I do. It’s too hot mate! And the sun well I guess the sun has its moments as well ever feel like the sun speaks to you?
When it’s too hot it’s as thought the sun is saying: TAKE THAT HUMANS!!!!

We tend to shower with cold water but it makes us even hotter!! Oh my!!! winter is the best because although the trees seem to be dead(because of the falling of the leaves) they still look gorgeous and the white of the snow the sky as well simply gorgeous oh my!! let me show you oh and let’s not forget the beautiful breath taking Christmas decorations that come out on the streets and restaurants. winter is the Bomb!!

WINTER is the one

winter is the friend

that tends to annoy you

and gets on your nerve

but you love them,

and they love you.

The hug of the cold wind

as it washes over you

makes your body shiver

your teeth chitter uncontrollably.


I Love winter because I was born

Into its arms.

It comes and goes but never fails

To impact my life.

The consistency may have wavered

Due to our intruder

Global warming.


In the last few months

It whispers in my ears

In the dead of night

don’t worry my dear

I shall always hold you

In my arms as though

You were a baby.

I will forever cuddle

You in my arms

Rest assured I will never leave you

Though my visiting hours

May vary


I will always look forward

To seeing my friend winter

For the love is there

I feel it in my bones.


What is your favourite piece of poetry and why

The Irish poet seamus heanlythe constable calls
The history about Ireland during the Times of civil war between. The protestant and Catholics. Reading this in secondary school really drove my imagination even further I was lost in the history as my English teacher would talk about the meaning of each stanza and the history… She was Irish so she would tell if her stories as well I was oh so eager to hear the stories of poems and enter into the mind of the poet.

Search for my tongue-sujata bhatt
I came across this poem in English class and instantly I could relate to this poem
It starts off as :
you ask me what I mean
By saying I have lost my tongue.
I ask you,  what would you do if you
Had two tongues in your mouth
And lost the first one,
The mother tongue,
And could not really know the other,
The foreign tongue.
You could not use them
Both together
Even if you thought that way.
This really spoke to me.
I was drawn and still am drawn to this poem because I have” two tongues“.. English not being the part of it.
She talks about the difficulty of learning one language and her fear of forgetting her mother tongue… Growing up I had moved to live with my mum in France and we went to French school I had to learn French from scratch (it’s a long story) but when I became fluent in my mother’s tongue I started to forget how to speak English correctly I would twist words round…

Island man- grace Nicolas.
This poem resonated with me. I also came across this poem in English class.
It’s about a person who still dreams about him being back in his country Jamaica but in reality, he is in London
The form of the poem enlightens me
groggily groggily” is out of form signifies that he is waking up but then he goes back to dreaming “come back to the sea” then eventually he wakes up to “surge of wheels

In my early teens, I would dream of being in France with my mum where I wouldn’t be bothered with the responsibilities of childcare and the discipline of an adult. I would dream of being care free, reading books, listening to music and just laying down not having to worry about what needs doing next. Just like the poet describes in his poem I felt the exact same way the ending was how I felt:
the island man heaves himself
Another London day

Name three books you remember reading in your childhood
There is soo many I have two main favourite authors growing up(Roald Dahl and Micheal Morpurgo) thinking about them just puts a smile on my face and makes me feel so happy.

Kensuke’s Kingdom-Michael Morpurgo

Kensuke's Kingdom - Wikipedia

Reading this is primary school was an escape from my reality and I loved every page.
Alone on a wide wide sea-Micheal Morpurgo

Alone on a Wide Wide Sea: Morpurgo, Michael: Books

This book really took me to another place mentally. I love books that take you t a different place entirely.

George’s marvellous medicine–Roald Dahl

George's Marvellous Medicine By Roald Dahl

This Book is one of my second favourite as a kid. I remembered getting excited to learn the word mischievous. He was up to no good and I loved reading how he would make up portions. reading this brought me joy.

these three books as well as many others i.e. shadow-Micheal Morpurgo, the medal for Leroy- Micheal Morpurgo, Boys don’t cry – Malorie Blackman, Long walk of freedom Nelson Mandela there is a sentence where he describes the prison walls, the four walls with the high window and the wife would take a boat to visit him. Reading this book would transform the room I was in.


Tell me something you have cooked/ baked that you are proud of

After watching the animated film ratatouille as a kid. I told myself when I was allowed to cook my own food I would cook that first meal but first I had to taste the professional one in the restaurant. Low and behold when it came to cooking it for the first time the whole family was amazed and wanted more. Amazing with unleavened bread simply scrumptious.

What was the funniest moment of your life?

ouhhh tough one I would funniest rather silliest moments because I was rather silly growing up when I was visiting my mother or at school.

one of my found childhood memories coming back from school with my brother and our friends as we walk home together we pass some houses and play the game called: “‘ Knock down  Ginger”‘ this was a game we loved to play as kinds we would knock on peoples front door and run away. it was extremely thrilling because we would imagine the owners chasing after us and we had to make it to base anyone that was left behind was captured and the police were called.

I have some memories of silly moments growing up like on Sundays when everyone had finished eating and my cousins came over we would mess about in the kitchen dancing to music and there was this one time were my brother was packing the dirt off from the kitchen floor and I saw his but crack what did I instantly do? with my wet hands, I let the water drop right in between his butt rack and ran to the living room where the adults were for safety. of cause that didn’t safe me, I had “looked for his trouble” as one of my aunties would say.

Have you ever cried during a film, if so, which one?
There’s has only been two films that have managed to make me full-on cry:
1- The bridge of Therabitha (I was in my early teens when this film came out)
2 – Miracle in a cell (on Netflix)
Give three things your friends would describe you as:
Funny (silly, goofy as in extremely goofy)
(I think)

Have you ever got late for school when you were younger and made up a ridiculous excuse? If so, what was it?

Would you rather spend a night in a haunted house or by yourself in the woods??

By myself in the woods!!! Ghosts are real you know! Oh my!! There are some evil and unhappy souls out there. Spending a night in a haunted house is like deliberately walking into a flame and screaming for your life!!

Now I nominate at least five bloggers for this award, so here are my choices:

and my 10 questions to you all is:

  • What accomplishments are you most proud of?
  • What are your inspirations behind your blogs/poems?
  • What are your aspirations in life and how close are you in completing this goal?
  • What’s a great book you’ve read recently?
  • What would your perfect vacation be?
  • What is the most memorable vacation you’ve been to?
  • What is the most courageous thing you’ve ever done?
  • If you had to pick a name for yourself what name would you pick and why?
  • If you could time travel where would you go?
  • Do you believe in writer’s Block


THANK YOU for taking the time to read this and a MASSIVE  CONGRATULATIONS  to all the awesome people I have nominated, another massive THANK YOU to H.R  Phoenix for nominating me, you truly are an inspiration and a force to be reckoned with


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