The path of life
Is forever changing
Nothing stays
The same for long.
Just like the
Moving clouds,
The ranging waves,
The flog of birds
Flying across
The sky.
The wind though
Not seen
Is felt moving.
It brushes on our skin.

It may at times
Be aggressive
Just like everything
That moves.
Emotion is in everything
That lives.
Emotion is the
Girft of life
But when not
Handled correctly
It burns us from the
Inside out.
Just like a forest fire
That destroys
Everything it
Comes across.

Your emotions
When channelled
Correctly and precisely
Has the power to
Uplift and grow
Even the dying seed
Inside of someone’s soul.

Fire keeps and
gives us warm.
When contained
It has many benefits.
Out of its containment
It rakes avoc!

We were not
Giving guide books
On emotions
For the sole reason
No one was aware
Of the gift
That was given.
Many received
It as a bomb
Others received
It as a grenade
Diguised as
Something else.

Be aware of
Your emotions.
Don’t allow it
To consume you
Like the fire
In the forest.
Contain it.
Channel it.
Positively allow
Your emotions
To be expressed
In a controlled

For that is
The only way we may
Become better
Upgraded vessels

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