The present

One day
Some day
We live it
Day by day
Calling it
Nicknamed it
The present.
Cause you never
Know what the
Day will show you.

You may plan
And make a
To-do list.
The suprise
Is always in
The present.
You look ahead
You’re ignoring
The present
Handed to you.

Some say they
Don’t want it.
They dash it away.
They never even opened
It to discover
What may be inside.
Prédiction kills
The present.
Thinking, imagining
What it may be
Not ever really
Opening the box.
You’ve dashed it
I pick it up and
Hand it back to you.

Don’t throw it away.
Let’s open it together.
I’m here through
The discovery
The force radiating
From inside
May be intense.
I leave your side
To stand behind you
Though you don’t see me
Whilst you discover
Whats in your present.
I am behind you
Supporting you.

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