I write

I write for those
Who can’t find
Their voice.
You’ve been muted
Without your consent.
How dare they?!
They had no right!
They had no right
To harm you!
Your lovely kind
Soft soul melts
Into their hands.

My dear
Come here
The worst
Is almost over
They forgot to
Take your zeal
That tiny voice
Is still screaming
No matter
How badly
You hurt.
Scream even liuder
Never stop screaming.

It resonates.
It breaks
The walls
Created by them.
They can’t lock
You in forever.
The light will
Eventually blind them.

I write for you.
I am your voice.
I will speak
Until your siuk
Starts to fight again.

It has been held
Captive by their
Mean words and action.
My written words
Are your weapons
Take it and
Strike back!!

With each stroke
Of my pen on oaoer
With every word
Read by your eyes
And understood
By your minds
Are the armours
Building up.
Wear these words
And stand firm.

You are soldiers
At war
Stare in their eyes
Heads held back.
Swallow each
Fire stone they
Throw at you.
You will not be
Weaken by their words
No more!!

You heart
With each words
Turn into stone
Soon they will
Have no effect
On you.
Stand firm!!
And hold on
For this war will
Soon be over.

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