originally written 2017

My father was always brave.
Never showing
When he was down.
But when his father
Died things spiralled
Out of control.
The crown is now
In his head.
For his step brothers
Left their father
For dead.

The anger and jealousy
Followed my grandfather
To his death bed.
“Why does he have this?”
” I want this land”
They never did let
Their request end
Up until his deathbed.

This family really is
Anger and jealousy
Embedded in the souls
Of my uncles.
Money and power
Lead to the routes
Of all heartless
And immoral act.

Why did you kill
That uncle?
Because he has a
Big mouth that made
Fun of your superiors
You shot him right
Next to his 4year old child!!!

All these anger
And hate the
Feeling of wanting
More money
Than you can handle.

You have become
The devil’s puppet.
We are God’s warriors.
Your acts don’t worry us.
For I know God
Will fight for us.
So R.I.P to the souls
To the great unjust
Of the human kind.
You have blessed our
Lives with your
Great and positive energy.

As this war slowly
Comes to an end.
I would like to
Solomonly say
Although we are
Surrounded by anger
And hate.
The younger generation
Will be a beam of hope
That will shine
And blind those
That try to dim that light.

17 years was not a waste.
There shall be no regrets
For the enemies eyes
Are wide open.
They are aware
Of the giant
That stands before them.
They throw mountains
On him.
Rocks cannot
Hurt him.
For the one that
Created that
Mountain shall
One day seek
Revenge for the
Innocent ones.

This war cannot be won
But that does not
Mean we have lost.
This is a great war
That must not be fought
All at once.
For the great french
Started off
One soldier
At a time.
Let us hold our
Pride back and
For the monster
Attacks unexpected

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