Modern day Repunzel

Originally written 2016

Don’t think it’s all that bad
Or that I’m sad.
Just be glad
That I am
finally happy.
Like a new born baby.
When it smiles
Without a care
In the world.
You may be
Why I’m writing
I wouldn’t want you
To start worrying.
Asking questions
That you have
no answer to.
So here’s a gift
From me to you.
A little poem for you
To hang on to.

I’m sure you know
The story of repunzel.
The young girl
That was kept hostage
In a beautiful tower.
So called “mother”
Keeping her safe
From the cruel
Harsh world.
Or Cinderella
Who turned into
A house-maid
After her father died.

Now take these two stories
And try and picture my life.
Yeah I wanted to
End it with a knife.
It was handed to me .
Oh it was soo tempting.
They just did not understand.
They said I was selfish
And stupid
Couple years later
I look back and smile.

Life does have its lessons
If you are a good student
You will ace
The subject of life.
But not all of us
Are good students.
We like to test life
See how far it can
Push us.
You here are yelling
For any stupid act
That they do.

A father once told his daughter
She’s playing with fire.
Little did he know
His “little girl” was on fire.
Screaming for someone
To help stop the fire.
All he could really do was
Lecture her.
There is no harm done
In teaching a few
Life philosophy.

Feeling trapped
In her own father’s house
Wanting nothing
But to be let out.
Nothing she seemed
To do was right.
Going in circles
Was what it all felt like.

House-maid I was not.
Useless I felt alot.
But never did I ever
Let that break me down.
My mother hated
Seeing me down.
She would do anything
To see me smile.
She’s been through
Alot .
I don’t doubt that.

Secondary school
Was a blast
Those five years
Went by so fast.
I made good friends
I never thought the
Friendship would end.
Now I’m here thinking
Of how to make ends meet.

4 thoughts on “Modern day Repunzel

    1. Yea only received one from you tbh.. I need to be more active here.. Cause this place needs to be brought to life.. I’ve sorted out my Instagram so I’ve got solid amount of followers liking my poems and connecting with them.. I need to do the same here.. Which might prove to be a bit difficult seeing majority just like and leave lol๐Ÿ˜…๐Ÿ˜‰

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