Give in but don’t give up

Have you ever felt that resistance within you? Like you want to do something but then again you don’t want to do it even though you know that it’s good or it will do you some good?

well, that is what this poem is slightly about. it  tells a story of that resistance or fight. I always fight with myself why? Well i think its  because I’m currently paving a new path. I’m currently out of my comfort zone-as in my whole body including my feet are all out of my comfort zone. But everything new is scary as in it makes you want to go back to what you know best (my poem The sweet whisper of seduction tells the story of wanting to stay in be.. sounds simple but it goes deeper. another of my poem Focus also talks about sticking to a goal or mission at hand and going through with it) sticking to a routine when you know there no need because you are not going anywhere or seeing anyone or no work or no classes what’s the point of a routine what’s the point of waking up early just to stare on the sky? When you could be sleeping nicely?

I won’t go on talking let my poem speak I’m sure majority of you will relate to this to a certain extend ๐Ÿ˜Š

Without further detail please enjoy the poem titled “give in but don’t give up” (quite a rather long title don’t you think? ๐Ÿค” ๐Ÿ˜… Well I had no control over it it all comes spontaneously you will soon understand when I post “ghost hand”)

Stop fighting with me
There is no use for it.
You fighting with me
Will drain you mentally.
You planted the seed
You fed me
With the only
Food I needed-positivity

Why did you
feed me?
Just to fight
With me?
I am not here
To hurt you.
I am not here
To withhold you.

I am here to
Guide you
Through the
Better part
Of this life.

So stop
fighting me
And listen to
Me please.
Give in to
The process
But don’t give up
To the process.
You’ve got me
In you
So I know
You know
You can do it.
If only you stop
resisting and
Just simply give in.

Give in
And be stress free
You know
How the
Outcome of the
So why fight?
What is the point
With this stupidity?

You can feel
My frustration
Because I am
Within you.
You feed me
You niurished
Now that I’m all
You are fighting me
When I tell you to
Stop your procrastination
How does that
Make sense?
It doesn’t make sense!!

So you want regret
To burn
Both of us up?
You want old
Big depression
To box you up?
Is that what you want?
Do you want
For me to keep
Quiet and watch
As others
Do the talking for me?

Their words
Will eat you alive.
Their bitter words
Will wake and nourish
And when it becomes
Don’t come looking for me
You won’t find me.

Don’t even try
To cry to the lord
Because he has
Done and given
You all the tools
You need to move on
To the next stage
But instead I’d using it
You allow
For it to catch
Dust and cobwebs

You are full of
You are a vessel
Filled with potential
Filled with tools
That has not yet
Been activated.
You are golden
But yet you

I tell you STOP IT!!
Just give in
I am ready
To take control.
I am here to make
You fly.
When you give in
You open yourself
Up to the vast
Tools, knowledge
And wisdom
I have kept
Just for you.

Just simply give in.
I’m here
I got you
More than
You may think.
You can get to me.
Just mediate
Close your eyes
And envision
The powerful
Positive human
You are
Through that
Envision you have
And will give in.

Thank you
And I promise
You won’t
regret it.
I promis the
Future you
Will be super
Grateful and proud
For the decision
You just made.

Thank you
For giving in
And not giving up.

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