I wanna take you out
I wish you were physical
I wish you were an actual person
Oh I can feel you.
This mushy feeling within me
I just want to embrace you
But I can’t because
You are within me
And I can’t hug me
So what should I do?
I can’t express in words
The feeling you are
Letting out.

Ouh I can feel you.
I feel you and I wish
Soo badly to hug you
But hugging oneself really
Doesn’t feel the same
As hugging another physical
Human so I guess
I will just go on
Ahead and hug
My pillow.
I feel you rising
Taking hold of me
Like an aroma

I can feel you through
The chills flowing all
Over my body.
Stay away from other humans
Don’t go expressing
The wrong emotion to
Another person.
You ain’t on the
Same vibe.
Yours is way too
Strong for them
So allow them be.
Hug that pillow
Challange that emotion
Consume it
Be one with it.
You love me and
I can feel it.
I love you too.💞🥰

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