A little too much

You like what you see
But struggle to get it.
Try to make yourself
Happy by surrounding
Yourself by bodies.
Forcing an emotion out.
Or trying to block it all out.
Is alittle too much
Don’t you think?

You ain’t feeling right
Started on the wrong foot
Had a little too much
To drink.
She calls you a prick
Did he tell you
You ain’t worth it?

Speak it out
Don’t lock it in.
A little too much
Is all you need
To push you
Off the cliff.
With all this
You forget one thing.

It’s a very simple remedy:
Detach yourself
From all negativity.
It’s a little too much
For you to handle
No one chooses to
Die young..

Hey guys 😁

I have officially completed my bachelors degree and will be focusing more on writing a rang of things like I used to do back when I was care freeπŸ˜…. I’ve got short stories coming up and I’m currently just having fun with writing again. I’ve missed my imagination soo much. Oh Boii!!! Stay tuned 😊

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