We have all successfully unconsciously submerged ourselves in the depth of life that we start to ask why we feel a certain negative emotion. We have forcefully dug ourselves in a hole thinking that, by digging further, we would reach the pot of gold: The life we have always dreamt for ourselves. We never stopped to consider why? Why is it that we have finally gotten to the ultimate goal that we are now weighed down by more responsibilities?  Yes, we’ve reached the goal we wanted, but the thing we failed to consider when embarking on this ‘me journey’ is that, the moment you are in a good place, others would want to be there with you. You are now left with other people under you, the pressure is rising as the workload improves. The pressure increases and you constantly are looking for a way to escape. Here’s my question to you, my reader: what were you thinking when making the plan for this journey? I’ve got the answer: you weren’t thinking. you’ve wanted a space of your own. You’ve always wanted to be your own boss, you wanted a better life for yourself. You know you deserve better because your soul craves an alternate freedom held down by nothing. You do you and to hell with everyone who doesn’t agree. Well my Friend, you may not be aware of this so let me bring it to your conscious,

Every decision made, every action made give out some signal. You attract what you seek. And it is through your journey of discovery that you come across other humans that are on the same journey. Some will hold on to you for dear life, some will use you and dump you, some you may even do the same.

Here’s a bit of my freedom story:

I’m still a young adult haven’t lived life yet as I’ve heard from many mouths. Growing up I was under training, doing chores looking after the kids, cooking cleaning ironing and also studying every single day. I wanted out. I wanted to be free from the work I wanted to be free from the shouting and screaming of the kids(which are my siblings) when that chance came summer holiday or Christmas holiday or even Easter me and my brother would run off to France to stay with our mum from that whole holiday period. it felt soo good not to have to wake up at 7 on a Saturday or be shouted at for not waking up when the alarm was set. I could be a kid again.. i was around 11.  Over the years things became worse for me mentally and the freedom I wanted when I did get it I was even more devasted I was more depressed. The Nights were always the worse. I would ask myself : what the hell? Why am I not happy? Wasn’t this what I wanted? Now that I got it I want to find a way out. I was hurt that the place I ran to for my escape had become another prison cell for me. I honestly was helpless and was counting the days till my holiday was over.

we are all busy trying to reach our ultimate goal, that the moment an outside force comes to hit us, we tend to stay down for a while. Some may even be relieved that they got hit, because if they volunteeringly tap out, they couldn’t bear to be seen as the weakling in the mist of their age group. Why? Well the moment you start touching souls and not touching people, you start to attract more attention, like the sunflower enriched with nectar for the bumblebees to indulge their antennas in. we have managed to build what I like to call a tunnel vision that  cut offs what we may think are distractions but they are actually road signs that have been left undiscovered. This goes to the older generation:

you’ve succeeded in utilising you 20s and 30s to embark on the journey that you  pictured of yourself. Are you content  with where you are? Are you still searching for that peace that will tell you you’ve finally made it?  i don’t ever think we will reach there, we has a race will never truly know the meaning of freedom you know why? Because the world we find ourselves in the manmade meaning that we have successfully built yourself a massive cage and in this cage we live and thrive and we find comfort in this cage.

The true freedom comes when we let go. During this pandemic that we are currently going through the thought of freedom seems to be the thing that everyone is searching for since they now have their chains released. They have been held down by a specific way of living that the second their chains came off, they still think they are not free. They allow the unseen get into their psyche and majority have somehow lost the will to fight because if they win the battle it means they will return back into their cage. As a result of this, people encounter the monster and don’t even think of fighting. WHY? Because we all have put ourselves in situations we thought we had escaped from. Once reaching the ultimate goal did you picture having to find yourself in a similar situation you fled from? The ultimate goal is tranquillity, contentment and control to our surprise, that is not what we are given and it is because of the surprise that we tend to let go the moment the monster visits us in our sleep.

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