The addict

You go to it
Even when it hurts.
You don’t like the feeling
But you grave for it.
The new doesn’t attract you.
Don’t you like being healthy?
Don’t you like doing things yourself?

You are addicted to the dark
The reason is unknown.
Come out from there and
Step into the new.
The new is good
The new is needed.
Be strong.
Don’t you want to
Feel strong?
Don’t you want to
Feel in control?

You are not in control
You are being left behind
By life.
No one bothers talking
To you anymore
Don’t you see?
Do you even care?
Come on you
Deserve more than this.
This doesn’t make you
Happy and you know it.

Stop craving for the bad.
Crave for the good.
Crave to be happy and joyful.
Step out from the dark
We are waiting for you.
We are waiting to receive you

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