Relationships are hard
If you want it to last
You’ve got to be willing.
Are you willing to
Play the long game
Or is it just temporary?

Who ever it may be with.
Please be considerate.
What you wouldn’t like
Others do to you
Please don’t do it
To others.
They are human
Just like you.
They are craving
Just like you.

Relationships are transactions
Made between two humans.
It’s not all about sexual interest
That doesn’t last long.
Just like the battery of your phone
So is that interest.
Over time it drains
If you have nothing else to give
The other goes away looking.

There is more that meets
The eye.
Maintain your relationship
With your parents
If you can.
Family can be stubborn
It’s the long game
With them.
Admit when you’re wrong
Make amends
And lets get the future
Closer to us.

Relationships are hard
If you want it to last
You must be willing
To play the long game.

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