Prey do tell

Prey do tell
What is it
With the generation
Of today?
When we have
We over time are not happy.
You ask because
You don’t have.
You give attitude
For being given .
what you asked for.

Prey do tell
Why half is stuck
In the danger zone
Of comfortable?
The other half
Well I know little
Of the other half.

Prey do tell
Why we not me
Fake it to make it?
Short lived joy
On whatever it is
That comes our way.

I have much to learn
With an open mind
I grasp all that life
Pushes my way.
I am eager to
Know your story.
The knowledge I have
May sound far fetched
As for that.. you’ve turned me off.

Prey do tell
Why we including me
Belittle ourselves?
With all these questions
Misjudged as being
Naive .
Oh if you could only see
The emperess that stands
Before you.

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