What is life

What is life mate
What is life.
When you work
You get paid.
The money has
already being
Spent even before
Entering your account.

Tell me someone
What is life?
Is it the money
That we make
Or the happiness
That we seem to fake.
What is life?
Can someone tell me?

Where, when and how
Does life make sense
I am willing to wait
It out.

Is life a race?
Always chasing
Things up.
Must always be
On top of things
Why can’t I just
Slow things down.
The momentum
Is sicken but there
Energy must be saved.

What is life mate
I’m here contemplating
We squeeze ourselves
Throughout the journey.
We reach a high top
We are scared to relax
For things can change in
The blink of an eye.

What is life mate
What is life.
It’s making feel sick
With each day I
Go through.
I need air to breathe
I want the smell of
The ocean washing
Over my nostrils.

Things will turn around
Sooner or later
I will continue
To squeeze myself
Until I’m told otherwise.

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