Loose paper

You are lost
In your feelings.
I warned you
But you did not listen.
The field you are
Can and will consume you
If you do not stand firm.

Do not be like
A loose paper
That flies in the air
When the wind blows heavy.
It drifts in the air
With no direction
Just the wind
As its guide
Setting it in motion.

You may be in
Your feelings.
But do not loose
Sight of your goal.
Do not be like the
Loose paper which
Once had a purpose
Unknown to it.

Do not let yourself loose.
Appreciate the emotion
Like water let it wash
Through you.
Admire the gift
That has been given
But use it wisely.

You are wise.
You are bright.
Do not let yourself
Go, even for one second.
Because this is not
The end,
It is merely the beginning
Of your future.

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