Questions I pounder about

What is it with life
That makes us
Hate it?
Is it that we dont
Appreciate it?
For all the good
That it brings
To us?
Or is it the things
That it throws at us
That makes us
Hate it?

What is it?
Why is it that
For things to be good
They first have to be bad?
Why can’t things just
Be simple?
I’ll answer that question
We don’t value the thibgs
That comes simple.
We tend to abuse the simple
We break it
Just because
We want to see how
It was put together.

Why is it that we
Humans complicate
What is it with us?
That we don’t seemed
To be ever satisfied
These are the questions
I pounder to
They are the music
I listen to when im
In solitude.
Many more comes my way.
Not all must be exposed.
Why so?
Because such is life
My friend.

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