Into hiding

I’ve never longed
For someone like this.
I’ve never thought I
Would yearn for the
Touch of your flesh.
But with the wave of longing
To be at your side physically,
I chase down the feelings
With my work.
I put all into hiding.

The distance is a
Double edged sword.
We know more about
Each other than
I could ever imagine.
Trusting you is the first
Thing I ever did before
Falling for you.

Why is it that
Although you are
Not by my side
I can still feel you?
The smooth touch
Of your skin
Can be felt when I feel
We are connected
How do I put that into hiding?

Your muscles I can sense.
Your body I can feel
Your ghost is with me.
Physically you are no where close
To me.
When souls merge
There is no container
That can keep it from showing.

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