You are mine
More than you
Know it.
I am yours
I just can’t feel it.
The distance really is a barrier
But I know my God
Is our carrier.

He is with me
Through it all.
This is what I say
To keep me from
Going insane.
The distance
Is a barrier
But I mustn’t
Allow it to block
My heart.

My heart’s for you
Once I found it
Could you please
Take it?
I want you to
Take my heart.
Please find it with me.
I’m feeling numb
Over here.
I don’t want to lose you.

I can’t find my heart
Where is the connection?
My head looks up to God.
Please show me what
I’ve done wrong.

I want you
Why is it so hard?
Father lord
Please help me.
You are mine
And I will fight
To get you.

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