The old into the new

Let it go
The old does not
Fit into the new.
What is wrong
With you?
Don’t you like
Something new?
Are you scared?

The new
Is the unknown.
The old is the known.
But the known
Always has an expiry date.
Let it go
And give space
For the new.

Don’t you hear
The words
Spoken to you?
They are fed up
Of this version
Of you.
Grow up!
Grow into your
Higher self.
There’s nothing wrong
In that.

Accept it!
It’s waiting
For your acceptance.
The old into the new
Is a patched up work.
Patched up work
Isn’t what you deserve.

You are pure
Why neglect that?
Stop it at once!.
Installation will start
You are running out
Of your free will.

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