Sometimes, silence
Is all you need
To kick start an action.
The power of silence
Is feared by many
And loved by some.

The elderlies tell
The youths to
Quiet down.
“they are so weird”
We say.
In reality, we have
No idea the power
Silence yields
When it is present.

The power of silence
Is the sword
Which cuts open
Your opponent’s throat
Preventing them to speak.

Silence is extremely loud.
Those who know
Will understand
When silence is present,
You dare not utter a word.

It grips your throat.
Sucking every possible
Sentence within you.
When silence is
Many wither away
Into their inner cave.
Waiting for the brave
Ones to cut open
The silence.

Sometimes silence
Is all you need
When your minds a mess.
Silence though brutal
Can also safe one
From making Drastic decisions.

Silence is my weapon.
It’s my double-edged sword.
It slashes me
When I ignore its presence.
We have that yin yag relationship.

8 thoughts on “Silence

    1. Ohhhh ๐Ÿ˜ patience… That’s like a crashing waves. A server must first drown many times by the waves before he/she learns to ride it. That’s how I see patience. To get patience you must first know how to remain calm within the storm.. Requires a lot of self discipline. Alot!

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