Have you been bugged?
Is your mind bugging you?
Perhaps you’ve allowed
The bugs in.
Perhaps you’ve slipped
Leaving the door
Of your mind ooen
Just for a wee second.
Now you are bugged.

Your mind is now
Infested with bugs.
Eating up all your
Happiness and serenity.
How does one get
The bugs out?
How does one
Ensure bugs don’t
Come in again?

Stay present.
Do not worry
About the future
For your actions
Now will change it.

They say knowledge
Is power.
I say knowledge is
Only potential power.
For if there is no action
How does it manifest
Into power?

How does a tree manifest
Into papers, tables, wardrobes
Or even boxes?
You must act
In the right direction
With the right amount
Of knowledge and
With consistency.
Follow this and you
Will never be bugged again

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