The younger generation

To the younger generations.
Do they know
Or have they been
Told of the obstacles
They are bound
To face
In the years to come?

Do they know
Or are they aware
Of the barricades
That will show up
On their journey.

How do we tell them?
How can we help them
Ensure they don’t quit

How do we
Motivate them?
How do we help them
Keep that fire of hope
Still burning brightly
Without imposing
Our ideas and
Orders on them?

To the younger generations
The adults are still
Sorting out the path
For you.
The adults are trying
To clean the path
For you.
When you come across
Any barricade
Do well to analyse it.

When you come across
The neg monster
Do well to stand
Tall and chant
these words
To it:
You are not me
I am not you.
I am not who
You say I am.
I am a warrior
On a journey
Of greatness.
I will not allow
Your bugs eat
Me alive.
For the lord
Is with me through it all.

Use your sword
Of faith and your
Shield of this words
To get you through.

For the David
That lays dormant
Within you will
Raise up to kill
The Goliath that
Stands in front of you

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