Standards are human made.
We strive for perfection.
Why has that being
The ultimate goal?
You want things
To be just right.
You wants things
To go your way.

Have you stopped
To ask yourself
Why you impose
Those standards
Of yours on others?

We all cannot
Be like you.
We all cannot do
It exactly to the
Dot like you.
Let your standards
Go and enjoy
The differentiation
That’s around you.

You are making yourself
More unhappy.
Haven’t you noticed?
How everyone around
Doesn’t care anymore.
Nothing they do
Can eve satisfy you.
So what’s the point?
They ask.

Embrace the difference
Around you.
Let go of the inhumane
You are not a robot
You are human.
Set yourself free
From yourself and
Enjoy the different
Works of life.

Everyone has their standards
Everyone had their expectations.
But there are periods
In life when your grip
Must loosen up a bit.
Relax and enjoy
Where you are.
Tomurrow is not

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