A mystery

You are a mystery
To those around you.
Some know you.
Some admire
Your act.
Others watch
As you go about
Your life.

You are a mystery
To those around you.
They see you
At a distance
And would like
To get a closer
Look at the
Work in progress.

They see the potential.
They admire the dedication.
They look around
Analysing your moves.
The work which is
In progress must
Be tested first.
For the potential
Must be trialed
Before the finishing piece.

Exposed too early.
Trailed for too long.
The beauty has
Being drained out.
The work in progress
Has been demolished
To the point
Of no recognition.

What a shame.
We can always
Start again.
But where is
The zeal?
What is the point?
The potential has
Been eradicated
There’s no point.

You cannot start afresh.
That isn’t how it works.
Use these broken
Pieces and the lesson
To create something
Better than the last.

This will be better
Than the last.
The last was a prototype.
I guarantee that this
Piece will pass
The trail.
You just focus
On your job of creating
The better version
Of yourself
And leave the rest alone.

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