I love you but…

I love you but
You are hurting me.
Pain is not good.
Pain is an indication
That something is wrong.

I love you but
you are hurting me.
My heart cries
My naked eye
Is dry.
So dry it doesnt
See you as a person
But as a template of pain.

Love is not pain
Love is not heartache.
Love is not lust.
Love is an emotion.
The purest of all emotions.

You are not love.
Why are you bringing
Out this emotion
From me?
Why do you attract
This emotion.

You are a
human magnet
That draws this
Emotion out of me.
With no intent of
Filling me back up.
Why are you
Doing this to me?

I love you
But you are hurting me.
I have had enough
So I am
Walking away.

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