Habibi you don’t understand

Your words are
Like Plasters that
Batch up my brokenness
Habibi you don’t understand
I pray you’ll understand
One day.

When we come
When we meet
Physically, I pray
That God gives me
The words to exoress
How your words
Slowly heals me.

Your attention
Short or long
Feels me up.
I was once
Facing each day
Empty, with nothing
But the all mighty
To fill my starving soul.

I have been hurt
I have been damaged.
The attention and
Care I craved.
The caring words
I yearned for
I never received it.
All I was surrounded
By was insults and hatred.
Habibi you don’t understand
And I pray you’ll understand
One day.

I would never
Thing of hurting you
I know the feeling
Of heartbreak.
I know the feeling
Of disappointment
From the ones you
Never thought
Woukd betray you.
Never will I ever.

I may tease you.
Empty threats
I may throw your way.
But your heart
I will Cherish.
Your words is
The fire that keeps
Me warm.

So I am sorry
For being quiet
At times.
I am at awe
With your words
That plaster
My brokenness.
Habibi you don’t
One day you will
Understand of how
A fragile girl became
A hardcore seemingly
Heartless woman
To those around her.

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