Withered seed

How does it feel
For a mother
To hold her
Withered seed?
The soil could
Not nourish it.
It grew but
Not well enough.

A withered plant.
A human that
Has been lured
In by death.
The whisper of quick
Escape from a seemingly
Cruel world.

My heart scatters
I’ve got internal
Bleeding that
Is unseen by
The naked eye.
But felt by souls.

I feel the energy
If doom.
I hear the laughter
Of death
As it cinsumes
The withered seed.
The tears of the
Gathered by the earth.
Felt by God.

When one life is
Taken another is made.
When one seed withers
Another glitters.
Your blessings
Will come.
They are en route.
Please wait
For the delivery.

For the withered
Seed will be planted
And be fruitful someday.

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