Act of war

Breaking away
From the norm.
You’ve said your
First no
Which is an
Act of war.
Everything is
A constant struggle.

You say no
When you used
To say yes.
You’ve broken
Away from the norm.
You have become
An asylum seeker
In your own head.
Where do you
Go to?
Who do you
Go to?

I got tired
Of living this way.
I got tired
Of always feeling
Miserable and suicidal.
I am going to say
No to your
Seductive voice
Of negativity.
This is an act
Of war I was
Not ready for.

I stood my ground.
You stand yours.
You deserve better.
You deserve greater
Not less.
This is an act of war.
You will not fight alone.

Find your comrades.
We will win
This war together
For the better you.
We will win.
Just speak out.
Vocalise your
Thoughts and emotions.
Help is here.
Just reach out.

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