Half way full

They say that’s
A way of being
When you see
The cup as half
Way full.
Let’s dive in a bit
Deeper shall we?

You are the cup.
You are half way
You have a goal.
You want to meet
You want to be
Like them.
So you are filled
And undefeatable.

You are never enough.
You want to feel enough.
You are half way full.
It isn’t enough.
Where’s your standards at?
They rule your life
Now you can’t get out.

Half way full.
The drugs will
Do the deed.
You think
Like them.
Limitless not human.
Now you are really
Untill you flatline.
Now your cup’s

Do not let others
Set your standards.
Do not let the world
Set your standards.

You know you
Better than
anyone else
Set your own standards
That way,
You are only disappointing
No one else.

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