into me see

Really scary.

They see into you.

They see your insecurities.

Will they see

Who you are

Trying to be?

Will they see

Past the holes,

Moles, scars

And patches

That are slowly removing?

Into me see

Every little breaks,

Cracks and patches

That is holding

Me together.

Into me see

The weakness,

The brokenness

That never was fixed


They were just

Covered up.

You got to get up

And move.

They yell it

At you.

They demand you

To move all,

While being broken.

I do not want or

Like into me see

That’s intimacy.

You are too close.


Listen young ones.

Listen to me frighten souls.

You want and need

To be fixed.

They need to get close

To fix you.

Let them in .

It will hurt

But your soul

Is under surgery.

Let go of you pride

It wasn’t hiding you well.

Let go of you loud voice

It wasn’t getting

You anywhere.

Stop scaring them away.

Into me see what

Makes me .

Into me see

What works for me.

Into me see

All the stories

My bones are

Engraved by.

Into me see

That all these scars,

All these broken bones

Broken dreams

When I pile them together

They are lifting me up.

Into me see

I will show

You around.

You learn

From me.

Do what I say

Not as I do.

Into me see

My errors

Do not repeat them.

Into me see

The darkness

With the rays

Of light burning through.

My bones may have been


Just like grog.

I place my broken pieces

Into the potters hand.

Into me see

The grog turned

Into dust

For the potter

Is working on


In the dark room.

Into me see

I am not alone.

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