Internal Fire

Contained but



You gasp

As you feel your

Blood pitching

The walls of your veins.

You were not

made for this.

You have become


The burning of

Your blood,

The high you feel.

The internal fire


You want more.

You ask for more.

The walls of your veins

Starts to slowly

Turn into ashes.

But you don’t seem

To catch on.

You are slowly

Turning into ashes.

You’ve become uncontained.

Internal fire has

Become a wild fire

You are losing

Your soul

You are losing

your vessel.

You stand in front

Of me .

I speak

My words don’t seem

To be getting through.

You are burning

From the inside out.

This passion

Once was good.

It was once healthy.

When did it go wrong?

You have become a prisoner.

Internally drives you to

New heights

But now you

Slowly turn into

Ashes right before

My unhelpful eyes.

You don’t seem to know

Or care of the impact.

You are clearly

Loving the high.

You don’t see

What its doing to you.

You don’t see the effects

Its having on us outsiders.

I turn my back

At your grinning face.

I do not know

The person that is

In front of me no more.

Your soul has

Been caught.

You took bait

Despite my warning.

A long road of

Healing is

Up against us.

For this uncontained

Internal fire

Has taken captive

Of your naive soul.

Never take things

For face value.

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