Own your truth

Own your truth whatever your truth is.

What is your truth? Are you constantly in battle with an external force that’s trying to hold you down? Maybe your truth is that they will not hold you down. You will be successful. You will come out of this victorious. They will not win. That is your truth. The loser in you is a winner soon to be. That is your truth. Yes, it’s unfair that you are being attacked. You are valued. You don’t see that but they do and they don’t want you to succeed. They do not want you to own your truth.

Own your truth. Stand firm. Your head held high. Own it. Don’t give it away for a second. They will not win. If its a financial situation you are in. Own your truth. You messed up. You spend more than you received. You have to live within your means. Yes, you have an expensive taste but you must tame yourself. Look at what you’ve gotten yourself into. You are in debt with multiple sources. You messed up. Own it and make the changes required. If your marriages is on the brisk of breaking, own it. Face the truth. Reflect on the actions or lack of actions made by you. Own your truth. Then you have to apologise to yourself for letting yourself get into this mess. Own your truth.

Living in denial and blaming others is not living in your truth. You are running away from your truth and as a result, you will not heal. You will keep yourself in this hole crying and lashing out to innocent people that have no idea what they have done wrong. Own your truth. Set yourself free from yourself. You deserve that.

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