the wisdom within

The wisdom within me speaks.

the voice is stern and carries


The wisdom within me speaks.

It speaks like a talkative child.

The topics it brings are as random

As the UK’s weather.

You think it will stick to

One topic

Nope. It changes just as the UK’s

Weather changes from sun to rain.

The rain does not give the sun

Any warning.

It does not give the people

A chance to bask in the

Sun long enough.

The wisdom within me

Speaks and at times

It wakes me up.

Quick Quick.

I need to write it

Down for it will

Dissipate very soon.

The wisdom within me

Pours out of me like

An overflowing jar

Of olive oil.

The wisdom within me

Does not speak

To boost.

It does not speak

To be acknowledged

It speaks to educate

And to fill the empty

Jar that demand

For its oil.

The wisdom within me

Is nothing that comes

From me.

The wisdom within me

Is not of my making.

The wisdom within me

Comes from Above

Who speaks through me.

The vision I have

Is the vison like

No other.

The vision I have

Is the vision of

Unity and freedom.

For the wisdom within me

Can see the souls chained

To this world.

Brought into this world

Challenges thrown at them

Many run and hide

Many run and die

Many run to join,

for  I heard

A saying that once said:

If you can not beat them,

Join them.

How pitiful this saying is.

How pitiful are the humans

Who have fought and

Have completely forgotten

About their main source.

The Lord has sent me

To you to empower you.

Get up and start fighting.

Get up and wrestle well

With what is ahead of you.

You will make it

You will guide those

Behind you to continue

Where you have stopped.

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