No Safe Place

No safe place to express

So I lock myself up with

It all.

I trust no one

With my mind.

My thoughts

Will be the death of me.


There’s no safe place

To express

To I lock it all

Up in my mind.

But my mind’s

Running out of space.

As Im getting older

Now I have to delete.

They say I forget

A lot.

I just didn’t undo

the delete button.

It goes in and

Comes out the other ear.

What you say is important

I just don’t have

space to retain it.

There’s no safe place

To express.

So I lock it up

In my mind.

But my minds

running out of space.

I don’t know where

Or who to go

To to off load

This weight that’s

In my shoulder.

Humans are imperfect

But we are also very

Well experienced when

It comes to solving


They say there’s nothing

New that’s under the sun.

New players that weren’t

Told the rules so

They make it up

As they go along.

Cheaters are beaters

As they don’t like

The long game.

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