be warned

You don't see it
But there is a
War going on.
You feel it
But you deny it.
What looks good
Isn't always good
It's not everything
That glitters that is gold.

You want the good
But it comes with a cost.
You must be rich
For giving that away.
Be careful of your actions
You have eyes watching you.
You smile when you're
In pain.
The high life has stabbed you
Now you're bleeding.

The high life looked
Good from afar.
But now that it's
Closer I see the blood
Dripping out.
The souls are preying
Around for Naive souls.
They dangle what looks
Like honey but it really
Isn't honey.
It takes one to know one.

Take time to think
Before you act. 
The good and evil 
Are at war. 
You won't understand 
That's okay. 
Your past decisions
Are enough to teach
Still in recovery? 
Yeah that's what happens
When you take before thinking 
Or consoling. 

Learn from it and move on. 
Stay alert for the evil souls
Are preying around 
For Naive souls. 
Heed my words
Or stay entangled
And a prisoner 
Of a place 
You ran to for escape.

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