I was never shown
How to do this.
How do I do this?
How do you stay
Steady on a foundation
That looks steady? 

One leg in
I can do this
But I'm already
Losing my balance. 
This world is crazy 
Who the hell created 
This fake platform. 

I look around 
They look alright. 
If they can do it
So can I. 
I got this. 
I should just copy them. 
Do as they do. 

I do as they do
But I'm losing my
The flood 
Gates have let loose
I can't see where my 
Feet are. 
I can't see. 
What am I doing wrong?

Can you help me 
I'm losing my balance. 
I hear a voice 
You are doing it wrong. 
I answer back:
Show me how to 
Do it. 
I want to do it 
Like them. 
It replies back:
Don't look at them. 
They found their own
Method that works for them. 
Figure out your own. 
I'm here with you. 
Where? I reply 
I can't see you. 
Help me with my 
Balance I beg 
Of you. 

Start and I will
Hold you steady. 
Young one 
Fear not 
For I am with you.

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