Have you met yourself?

Do you know how
You sound with the words
You speak?
Do you know how
Heavy and provocative
Your words are?
Have you met yourself?
Because I'm sure if you did
You wouldn't want to hang around that person.

You are no aware
Of the negative words
That come out of your mouths
You say you don't care
But get hurt when others
React to your actions and words.
Don't fuck around
Because you are not
The only one alive.

You want good relationships
But the one you have with
Yourself is pitiful.
Sort you out before
Wanting any affections from others.

Have you met yourself? 
You  never want to spend time
With a fake ass human
But that's who you are.
Faking and smiling
Saying you are keeping it real
When in reality you are hiding everything
Carrying people's burden
Like you are Hercules
You ain't no super hero
So say it how it is
And fuck off.

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