No refunds, for Life

The raging sea
Clashes within me.
How to I keep afloat.
I get overwhelmed
With every action plan
Layed out for me.
They are here
To help.
But I’m not sure
I’ve got it in me
To see this through.

I am depleted.
Where can I go
For a refill.
My muscles are
My flesh is
slowly decaying.
Not to exaggerate
But my flesh
Is out of date.

Where did I go wrong?
Which yes was said
When no was meant for?
Where is the reward button
Can I see where I said
Yes when I should have
Said no?.
Let’s go back
I need that energy

Could you give it back?
Can I have it back?
I’m in desperate need
Of that energy.
Refund I would like
For the energy I lack.

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