Damned if I do, damn if I don’t

I’m filled with such emotions.
I I’m unable to express.
So I let out weird sounds
Cause thats my soul speaking.
My emotions are coming
Gone are the days when I
Press them down.
They are they to be expressed.
So I go against the wave of
Anixiety and I express
Them in words when they come
Or in groans and random outburst.

We don’t come with
My emotions I was
Always told to suppress them.
When they come
In floads I get restless
And feel itchy within me.
Weird as I is.
The spirit of the
Creator is within me.
So I must express
In whatever form
It comes in.

The love goashes out.
The string of anxiety
Fights against me.
I push it out
Let the consequences
Come at me.
I’m damn either way.
You really aren’t. (πŸ˜…)

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