The Sacred Tree

The sacred ground
of which trees grow.
In the middle of the city
Your roots grow
You stand tall and stable.
There is a story,
a life behind each tree.
I do not know it
but I can sense it.

I feel it before i touch it.
Like the blood which
Flows in my veins
So are the stories and life that
Flows through each tree.
I’m the middle of the city
You stand tall and proud.
You have seen and heard
Of tails humans told within us.

You have seen souls
Depart from their vessels
You have seen souls
Embody the physical human vessel.
A life short lived. Is a life
Filled with torment..
You have seen
But you keep quiet.

For those who know
How to listen
Will hear your stories
So I say my fearwells
To you big tree.
Planted in the middle of the city.
We shall meet again.

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