the battle of self

 There is a popular saying that goes: life waits for no one and as a response to this, we must do everything we can to ensure that we are not left behind by life. Majority of humans have been left behind by life and as a cause of this the homeless, suicidal rates and mental health crises  are on the rise daily. When we encounter a challenge, we instantly stop and stare at this challenge. We then panic, running around the very thing that is blocking the way of flow. This is the battle of self, which allows for us to encounter our inner self and examine what our abilities are. Shocked at the obstacle and the reason for it being there, may leave the majority of us on a stand still. While everything else is moving, we have come to a standstill and as a result of us trying to fight against it,we lose sight of the main goal and give up.

We did not come into this world with a Manual script and it is because of this that we make decisions in terms of ‘errors’. if it doesn’t fit in this scenario then it isn’t meant for it, this isn’t an error, just a misplacement of an object. We as humans are not machines, we are filled with many outstanding elements that I call magical elements. What are these magical elements?  well, I’m glad you asked, First is our mind. An internal storage that is magical beyond words. But just like magic there is the good and Bad. Our minds are the chambers we often run to for refuge, this could be for various reasons mainly due to neglect.  we get so comfortable with this place and never leave until it’s too late and then we start regretting when we are more advanced in age. The battle of self-starts with the mind. That is where war and negotiation of peace commences. Just like real conflict, there are external bodies that aid in this path to peace- therapist.

As we continue to move in this life, no matter the pace we are in, we keep moving for that is what we are meant to do. We must not allow ourselves to become a victim or a prisoner to ourselves because as previously mentioned, the mind can change its shape and as a result of that, we may think that the mind is the place for escape but the place for escape can also be the place we  are held hostage.

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