The sticky war of addiction

Nothing can be said that would change their minds. There are no actions that you can make that would make them turn their backs on the only thing that fills them up. Nothing. Just like one person alone can’t pull another person up off from the sticky mud, which with every move made to try to escape they are dragged further into the mud. This is what it is like from my point of view. This is how I see it from where I’m standing. With little experience, I bare a heavy heart knowing that days, years and decades have gone unaware to me that the world has successfully imprisoned another innocent soul.

What would my eyes see if they were able to see the spiritual world? If our eyes could see Would my mind comprehend the amount of countless souls being taken as prisoners of the earth? What can be done to reduce the amount of innocent souls being eaten up by the earth?  What can be done to reduce the amount of young adults trapped in what I call the sticky war of addiction? Who is out there that can stop the first innocent naïve youth from interacting with the first high. That first high is the hand cuffs made by the world to ensure you do not leave its presence. You do not have the keys and now what ever you do, no matter how hard you try to pull him or her away from that war, it can not be done. Why? They have become a prisoner to a war they never enrolled in.

“Their soul was craving more than any drug could give them”

You must wait until they hit rock bottom. You must wait until they can’t fight you anymore. you must wait. In that waiting many have overdosed. Their soul was craving more than any drug could give them. Their soul was and still is drastically thirsty. They don’t understand that the soul does not eat or consume any thing the world produces. The soul can not be seen but it can be felt. So the question is: what food must be given to the soul? Praise and worship? Prayer? Well, yeah for there is power in the unseen. Just like words can chain you down, words to the right person can also break any chains. We humans are limited in the amount of things that we can do on this earth. We have been given a lot of beautiful and outstanding things from this earth but with every good there is always a bad that comes to balance it all. There is no escaping this seemingly endless war of the unseen.

The sticky war of addiction can not be won with helpers dragging them out with all their might. It’s a sticky war. so what can be done? Helpless parents watch as their child gets consumed by earthly desires. What can be done? They are in desperate need, the void that is felt within can not be filled up with materialised substances. They have been blessed, they have being born into a world where they lack nothing. Parents ensure that their child achieves their potential. As they grow older in age, parents let them go. They are now free to discover and explore. This is a journey that everyone goes on but only a few comes back. What can be done to feel the void within them? A sense of purpose is what is needed. They are in need to be valued. They start just to try, they start just to cope with what is around them. They were once deemed invisible they could not keep up with the conversation around the table with their mates. They must keep up they have to they do not want to miss out. What must you take to feel in that gap?

They’ve become a shadow of themselves.

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